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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5 Signs A Home-Based Business Is Not Legit

Most people are uneducated on how home-based business work and operate. Distributors have a hard time figuring out the compensation plans and they have a hard time figuring out whether a home-based business is legit or not. Today I am happy to share with you 5 signs to look out for to determine if the opportunity is legit or a scam.

#1 Extremely low-quality service or product

In my opinion, the foundation of a good business is getting quality service and product to the customers. While recruiting a team is a part of building the overall brand, it should be the least important piece of the whole marketing campaign. Unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunities out there that focus on recruiting and getting sales reps more than focusing on the actual product or service. So before you join any opportunity, make sure that the product or service is of good quality.

#2 Very high sales tactics

If you are at a meeting and you feel that you are being pressured to join a home-based business, then that is a red flag. In most cases, home-based businesses that have just started are the types to pressure people to join the most. I would recommend that you join a company that has existed for at least 20 years because longevity is important in this industry. Any effort to prevent you from taking the time to educating yourself about the company is not something you should want to be a part of.

#3 Poor company communication

When you are at an event, do not be afraid to ask the tough questions. If you do not get solid answers or they are making you feel bad for asking the tough questions, consider it a red flag. Most people try to blind new recruits with nothing but potential benefits in order to distract them from analyzing whether the company is worth joining or not.

#4 False advertising

Most companies in this industry will try to promote themselves as an opportunity for employment. Home-based business are not jobs, they are opportunities for people to build their own brand. Other false advertisements used by illegitimate home-based business are guarantees of making income for doing very little.

#5 Trust your gut

If you feel that your instincts are telling you that a particular home-based business is illegitimate, then you should not join it. In my opinion, you can avoid a lot of mistakes by doing some tough research on the company. In my opinion, you will have to investigate the products or services being offered before you put your name behind it.

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