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Friday, May 25, 2018

Creating Financial Wealth Is Not Impossible

Personal growth is important, especially since status seems to be based largely on one's bank account. Let me fill you in on a few secrets to gain personal growth. In doing so will also result in creating financial wealth.

Wow, I feel like I'm writing my memoirs, but one thing about myself is that I'm a very literal person, so when somebody says that something is impossible, it is usually based on their opinion as opposed to a fact. Since it's their opinion, for the most part they may have meant to use the word "improbable" rather than "impossible". For example, most people may think or say that solving a Rubik's Cube is impossible, which literally means that nobody can solve it. Since it's obviously been solved before, although not by most people, it should be thought of as improbable, not impossible. This is an important concept because if somebody has the mindset that a task is impossible, they will basically have no motivation for taking any action towards it since they truly believe the results are unachievable, which will then result in no results, thus, falsely proving their "impossible" mindset to be correct. No results doesn't necessarily mean failure or impossible. How To Make $1000 Daily Working From Home

Catching people's attention is definitely important. In my opinion, or maybe it's a fact, innovation is key to success. You basically take something that's working in its original form, add a few twists and turns, and POW... you just created a new, innovative product. To me, something that's innovative stands out, which exactly how I felt growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood. Metaphorically speaking, I refer to myself as a "twist and turn" since my father is black and my mother is white, thus creating my siblings and I who are of a fair complexion with soft curly hair. Growing up, my question of the day around the neighborhood was always "What are you?" I would usually make people guess just to hear their thoughts, and just for the fun of it I would say yes to the second or third ethnicity they shouted out, which was usually between Cuban and Puerto Rican. Now obviously being of mixed race doesn't mean I'm innovative, but it gave me confidence because I always figured that if I can catch people's attention (just by my looks) to create enough of a curiosity to ask questions that they may already know the answers too, then I myself was created to be an innovator, simply from my ability to stand out from the crowd. Those who conform may just get a passing nod rather than an outright catching of a stranger's attention. And everybody notices the one walking in the opposite direction as everyone else.

One good thing that I definitely learned about being different was that it's not a bad thing: Many individuals are one race, I'm two... Many people watch hours of TV a day, I read hours of books (if that makes sense)... Many people think things are impossible, I may think they're improbable. Back to the Rubik's Cube. When I was in college, a girl I was dating had a unsolved cube on her desk at home, and judging by the amount of dust on it I'd say it hadn't been touched in at least a year (because they are just too IMPOSSIBLE to solve). So I ended up taking it home, and when I picked her up two days later for our movie date she was astonished when I showed her the completed cube. Now I'm not saying I went home and magically just figured it out by myself, but being that we're in the technology era, I pulled together my resources (YouTube) and my hard work to learn the algorithms required to solve it. And once again I became different from most people because I am now able to solve the impossible... excuse me, IMPROBABLE. And as impatient and pessimistic as he may be, I was able to teach my brother how to solve it in half the time it took me, simply by changing his beliefs from impossible to improbable to definitely possible (obviously by seeing me and others solve it online). Resources expose the truths and facts about whether or not something is actually possible or not, so use them and you'll start to notice that there aren't too many things that are actually truly impossible.

One reason I think I was able to get my point across is because I'm used to being out of my comfort zone. For example, just because 99 people say something's impossible and I'm the only one on the "it can be done" side, I will definitely let my voice be heard, although I won't just randomly go around saying EVERYTHING is possible without factual evidence. Even with factual evidence some people are still hesitant to maintain their positions, especially if they are the only one on their side. I like to call this "Youngest Child Syndrome", because similar to a family, nobody really listens to what the baby has to say, regardless of how good an argument they may be making. That usually forces them to either follow the crowd or remain silent (both are BAD results to me). Usually you have to show innovative material in a way that causes someone to think "improbable" rather than "impossible" because there actually is a significant difference between "ZERO, NADA, ZILCH" and "PROBABLY NO BUT PROBABLY YES". Communication is key because even if you feel like you don't deserve a say, everybody has a voice.

So based off this rambling, my ultimate innovative secret for generating wealth and financial freedom is real estate. Although most, if not everybody, knows what real estate is, I call it innovative because such a small percentage of the population actually views it as a way to make a living, while a many perceive it as impossible and are still stuck in their 9 to 5 day jobs. Most people conform to following the rat race: Go to school, go to college, graduate, get a job, get married, be successful. Ironically, going to college may have gotten me a degree (a piece of paper with Old English writing), but it definitely made me poorer than my friends who didn't go to school, for obvious reasons such as student loans that have to get paid back. Since there are limited hours per day, you can only work so many, which makes your income linear. Investing, particularly in real estate, allows your money to work hard for you while increasing exponentially, a trait most will not endeavor without proper use of their well-exposed resources.

Personal growth is important since it basically resembles your status in society. Remember, start building that love for success and start stretching to escape the rat race because nothing works harder for you than yours or other people's money.

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